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How does our service works

Centauri Media will manage for you the ads through a publisher plateforms, which let us know the provenance of the clics and the amount associated to it throught pay per clic which is associated with your web site. Every campaing is associated with a client, which let us know how to attribute the revenu to each client.


Once the revenus are deposited in Centauri Media account for publicity, we transfer the money to each client as per our policy.

How are we paid

Centauri Media will not invoice the client for our services, it is without any risk for the client. We are paid in regards of the revenus that the client will obtain from their web publicity. We will retain a percentage from the total publicity revenus gain by the client each month. We retain only 20% of the total revenus to cover the fees for managing the publicity plateform. This way is a win-win situation for both our company and the client as the more money the client do, the more money we also do. This way, the client is insure we are working hard to find the best marketing strategy to have you do more money, which will increase your profit without doing anything. We take care of all !



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